Degrees of Sexual Assault in Wisconsin


A skilled Wisconsin criminal attorney will clarify sexual assault charges and how they pertain to your specific case. A Wisconsin criminal lawyer can outline each degree of assault and the extent of the consequences. The requirement of registering as a sex offender is solely one detrimental outcome of conviction.

First Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

A Class B felony, first degree sexual assault is defined as any sexual contact or intercourse with a person without their consent. This type of sexual assault results in pregnancy or other harmful bodily alterations, occurs with the threat of violence or is forced, and usually involves others.

The consequences of first-degree can include:

  • Sex offender registration for life 
  • Up to 60 years in prison 

Second Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Second degree assault is a Class C felony including sex offender registration for life, up to 40 years in prison, and fines up to $100,000. This classification includes:

  • Sexual contact or intercourse using threat or violence with an absence of consent
  • Resulting harmful consequences such as injury, disease, or illness
  • Resulting ongoing medical or psychiatric care 
  • Victims with mental illness or deficiency
  • Victims who are unable to give consent due to intoxication or unconsciousness 
  • Parole officers who have sexual contact with a parolee or prisoner
  • If the sexual assault is aided or abetted by others

Third Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Third degree assault is any other type of sexual assault with that entailed an absence of consent. It is a Class G felony with consequences that include fines up to $25,000, sex offender registration for 15 years, and up to 10 years in prison. 

Fourth Degree Sexual Assault in Wisconsin

Fourth degree sexual assault is sexual contact such as groping or fondling without consent. This Class A misdemeanor includes fines up to $10,000, sex offender registration for 15 years, and up to nine months in prison. Fondling accounted for the highest reported percentage of statewide sexual assault rates in 2020 at over 30%.

Get the guidance of an attorney before you’re in the courtroom. A skilled attorney can help defend you against sexual assault charges in Wisconsin. Contact Brophy Law Office for the experienced Wisconsin criminal lawyer you deserve. 

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