What Are the Top Causes of Wisconsin Car Accidents?

Car Accidents

Bad drivers, rusty vehicles, icy roads, defective parts, construction zones, wildlife, drunk drivers, distracted drivers…

Driving from point A to point B on any given day can feel like a going through a gauntlet. Even the traffic reductions of the pandemic were not able to curb the growth in Wisconsin traffic deaths.

Speaking of Wisconsin, the top causes of motor vehicle crashes in 2020 (the most recent year data is available) were:

  • Deer-related accidents: 16,547 crashes, 523 injuries, and 13 fatalities
  • Speed-related accidents: 15,995 crashes, 6,826 injuries, and 194 fatalities
  • Impaired driving-related accidents: 7,261 crashes, 3,861 injuries, and 212 fatalities
  • Alcohol-related accidents: 6,050 crashes, 3,120 injuries, and 167 fatalities
  • Drug-related accidents: 2,250 crashes, 1,412 injuries, and 80 fatalities
  • Speed-related accidents: 15,995 crashes, 6,826 injuries, and 194 fatalities

Why Does the Cause Matter?

It may not matter at all from the injury victim’s perspective. After all, they are hurt and they need treatment and resources to get better regardless of what caused the accident.

From a legal and insurance perspective, however, the cause of the accident matters a lot in determining who is liable and what coverage is available. For example, an accident that happened due to defective vehicle parts could result in legal claims being made against an auto parts manufacturer, while a trucking accident could result in claims against a negligent driver and the transportation company who put them on the road.

The Bottom Line

No matter what the cause is, one thing remains true: it is crucial to seek the advice and representation of an experienced personal injury attorney if you are hurt in a Wisconsin motor vehicle accident.

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