Committed Advocacy In The Face Of Sexual Assault Allegations

An allegation of sexual assault can severely disrupt your life. Beyond the threat of criminal penalties, the damage to your reputation can be lasting and significant. When facing such accusations, you may feel as though you are facing an insurmountable challenge, and the lawyer that you turn to must have your best interests in mind.

Attorney Brian Brophy is ready to assist you. With over 20 years of experience in sexual assault cases, Mr. Brophy has a considerable background in helping Madison individuals move forward with their lives. If you face charges for an alleged sexual assault, Brophy Law Office can devise an effective legal strategy for you.

Navigating Charges That Jeopardize Your Future

Sexual assault is a serious crime. In Wisconsin, a sexual assault conviction often results in harsh consequences that can follow an individual for the rest of their lives. Because of the severity of these penalties, it is crucial that you turn to skilled and committed legal representation. Penalties for a sexual assault conviction can include:

  • Major fines: Fines for sexual assault offenses can reach as high as $100,000.
  • Registration as a sex offender: A sexual assault conviction can land an individual on the national sex offender registry. Your placement within this database can significantly hinder your ability to find work or a place to live.
  • Imprisonment: In some cases, a felony sexual assault conviction can lead to life imprisonment. Even a misdemeanor charge can result in a prison term of up to nine months.

Defense strategies for allegations of sexual assault are subjective. In certain cases, accusations are fabricated as a retaliatory measure for a personal dispute. In other instances, such as those involving children, testimony can be unreliable or comments may be misunderstood. Mr. Brophy will take the time to fully assess your case before arriving at the most apt legal strategy for you.

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